The Rental Agreement – Rules and Regulations apply to all individuals. 



  • The rooms are not considered reserved until we have received acknowledgment that this Rental Agreement has been read and agreed to. 
  • The rooms are available on a first come first serve basis
  • The Centre shall be rented to adult persons only.
  • The contact person(s) shall be in attendance for the duration of the function. 
  • If a renter needs to cancel the reservation, they must notify the Centre in writing, at least 10 days prior to the reservation date by emailing
  • Emergency situations, which will result in any cancellation, will be considered on a per case basis.


     The Renter: 

  • Will be responsible for setting up their rented space unless other arrangements have been made. 
  • Will be charged an additional €30.00 per hour if the party goes over the scheduled time
  • Shall provide proof of valid public liability insurance cover in a sum of not less than €6.5m and maintain such insurance cover for the duration of their time using the Centre and shall furnish details to the management committee when completing the booking form. 
  • Shall indemnify and hold the Sandymount Community Centre (“the SCC”) harmless from and against all claims or demands with respect to the use of the Centre. The SCC Management Committee is not responsible for personal injury or damage or for loss of personal items or equipment of the renter or anyone attending on the invitation of the renter. 
  • Shall be liable for all breakage and other damage or loss to property resulting from the occupancy and use of the building and grounds, other than normal wear and tear. No structural alterations or signage are permitted without prior written consent from the management committee.
  • Shall be responsible for and pay for the cleaning of the rented space if the activities result in any extra cleaning being required in the Centre over and above what would be usual.
  • Shall be responsible for supervision over all persons in their group using the rented space who are in the building and on adjacent grounds. Disorderly conduct is prohibited. Care must be taken to avoid any act or thing which is likely to be or become a nuisance, danger or annoyance to any adjoining occupiers or neighbouring homes surrounding the centre.


     Standard Conditions:


  • The rental spaces shall be subject to inspection at any time by any authorised representative of the SCC
  • Private functions are responsible for their own coffee, tea, etc.  
  • No open fire permitted in the Centre.
  • No unauthorised alcohol shall be permitted in the Centre….. special permission can be sought by renter from the management as long as compliance is in line with our alcohol policy.
  • There is no smoking anywhere inside the building.
  • Exit doors and fire extinguishers shall remain unblocked at all times. 
  • The SCC Committee will not be liable for any personal and/or property damage occurring to anyone on premises.The SCC is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings. It is the sole obligation of each person entering the facility to be responsible for all belongings.


     Health and Safety Considerations

  • Renters are also responsible for obtaining and complying (at renters own expense) with all relevant statutory consents and requirements regarding the activities of the renter in the space provided including but not limited to fire, building control, disabled access and health and safety legislation.
    When relevant, Renters must comply with all applicable child protection and vulnerable adult protection laws and guidelines issued by any Government Department or State agency and to produce evidence of compliance as required by the management committee upon request.
  • Access to the Centre will be decided per rental circumstance and renters must undertake to keep safe any key or access code which is given to them. If the key given to the renter is lost or stolen the renter must reimburse the Centre for all costs incurred in replacing keys and locks.
  • There will be a brief induction by a representative of the Centre, either in person or in writing, prior too, or upon first use of the space. This will explain fire safety and evacuation procedures as well as first aid and emergency contacts. All renters are responsible for honouring all policies and best practice guidelines published by the Sandymount Community Centre Management committee. These policies are published on  (these sentences are duplicates of the sentences above)


     There will be additional fees if: 

  1. The Centre is left untidy/dirty and trash is not removed from the premises, 
  2. The kitchen is left untidy/dirty and food and trash is not removed from the kitchen,
  3. The party stays beyond the ending time stated on the facility rental application, 
  4. Physical damage occurs to the property (markings on the walls, broken items, stairs, etc.) The management committee reserves the right to seek from the renter the cost of repairs/replacement; or
  5. The renter alters, adjusts or otherwise changes any light fixtures or light bulbs, or turns off any electrical circuit breakers. 

 Upon inspection, there will be an additional €100.00 clean up fee if any of these rules are violated and the Centre will not be available for future rental to         any individual or group who violate any or all of these rules and regulations. 


     Important Information for Renters

Chair: Phyllis Ennis
Phone number: 087 6225471

▪ Notify of major issues 

▪ Send written correspondence 

▪ If other contacts cannot be reached 

Centre Manager: Jessica Ryan

Phone Number: 087 6639349

▪ Discuss required changes to agreed upon rental times 

▪ Discuss need for additional “special occasion” rental time over what was specified in agreement 


Caretaker: Billy Donohue

Phone Number: 087 1093972

▪ In case of emergency  Report damage to the building or its contents 

▪ Report facility operational issues 

▪ Report need for major cleaning


      Community Centre Rules of Etiquette:


       We ask that you please review this checklist following usage of the Community Centre to ensure all rules and regulations have been complied with. 


  • Depending on the schedule, The Renter shall be permitted access to the building for the purpose of decorating/ set-up before the event.
    • Depending on the schedule, The Renter shall be permitted access to the building for the purpose of decorating/ set-up before the event.

      • The building must be vacated 30 minutes after event time. There will be times that another event is scheduled immediately following your booking, in these cases you will need to vacate by the end of your booking time.

      • Please keep noise levels to a minimum when entering and leaving the building.

      • Please do not park in front of the building outside of loading and unloading.

      • Please pay attention to your parking- DO NOT BLOCK NEIGHBOURS DRIVEWAYS

      • Set-up of tables, chairs, bandstands, etc. shall be the responsibility of the Renter unless otherwise arranged ahead of time.

      • Floors have been swept. 

      • Kitchen is clean, tidy and in proper order. 

      • Dishes, pots, coffee pot and appliances are clean and returned to their original location. 

      • All running water has been shut off (including the washrooms).
      • Tables and chairs (if used) must be cleaned, stacked and returned to their original location. 

      • Decorations have been removed without any mark or damage to the Community Centre.  No decorations of any kind may be taped, stapled or thumb tacked to any wall, ceilings or surface throughout the Center. Blue tack is acceptable.

      • After use, place all rubbish in bins on the far side of the building (Please separate into green, brown and black appropriately)

      • Everything that is brought into the building by the renter must be removed before vacating the building unless other arrangements have been made.
      • All electrical equipment and lights are shut off (including bathroom lights).
      • Heat turned and/or air conditioner (if applicable) turned off.
      • All doors and windows have been closed and the Community Centre has been properly secured.
      • If the event is over and the Community Centre is being vacated prior to the scheduled time, please notify the caretaker or centre manager.